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Real customers, real reviews

March 2018
My wife and I have bought and sold 4 homes, none in the DC Metro area. This area is extraordinarily difficult to navigate and we spent the better part of 5 years renting while looking to buy a home that a) suited us b) wouldn’t blow up our finances & c) wouldn’t lose a boatload of equity in the event of a real estate downdraft.

Our tastes are particular, coming from very nice homes at reasonable prices, only to learn there was limited supply of affordable nice homes in this area. It is a rude shock to anyone moving to this area from elsewhere. It’s also depressing.

We put Amber through her paces, looking at dozens of homes, never quite seeing what we wanted. She is detail oriented, LISTENS and is quite particular herself, delivering properties we wanted to see, and finally one we bought. She is a skilled negotiator too.

Most impactful, however, has been ‘after the sale’ husbandry of the process and continued communication with the sellers. We weren’t treated as a letter that gets affixed a stamp and moves on. She’s been with us throughout the process.

We’ve never experienced professionalism in real estate on this level. We would recommend her FIRST among anyone looking to buy a home in this area, and specifically, those new to the area that were as flummoxed as we were about the prices, homes and neighborhoods.

You don’t lose money and may make money when you buy a home, not when you sell it. Starting right mitigates risk and can potentially protect you down the road. Everybody needs that. And that’s precisely what you will receive with Amber Gould. 
Home / 5 Stars

user354769 says

Real customers, real reviews

June 2012
Amber was very knowledgeable and negotiable in providing help with the process of renting my first property. She staying in touch and always asked about updates on what my plan was, she even had a listing of other properties just in case I wasn’t interested in the one I asked to see. I enjoyed working with her and would enjoy working with her again.
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